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Corporate Mandarin Training

mandarin1The Language Key offers in-company Corporate Mandarin language and communication training. We can help your staff apply their Chinese skills in real business situations and coach them to be excellent business communicators.

We have experience in creating tailor-made Corporate Mandarin courses for the following industries:

Mandarin for Hospitality 

Mandarin for Catering

Mandarin for Logistics

Mandarin for Insurance

Mandarin for Banking and Finance

Sample Course Topics/Outlines

Every one of our clients is different. However, our usual approach is to include some, if not all, of the steps below:


    1. Contact and Conceptualisation
      Client provides us with information on the type of course they want to run, and the positions and Mandarin proficiency of the participants. This is may done by email or by arranging a face-to-face meeting.

    2. Needs Assessment / Analysis
      We conduct research into the client's precise needs and determine the necessary logistics of the course. We send a detailed proposal to the client to consider.

    3. Design and Development
      Once the client selects us as the course provider, we create a course outline which is acceptable to the client.

    4. Evaluation and Quality Assurance
      We conduct pre-course assessments (generic or customised), discuss learning needs with key personnel, collect writing samples, determine spoken scenarios, develop outlines of transcripts, etc to add customisation to the course. The pre-course assessment process also allows the client to select the participants suitable to attend the course.

    5. Conduct Training and Delivery
      We deliever the training according to the agreed schedule. Training content is prepared in stages in order to fine tune it to the needs of the participants. Mid-course observations are conducted. A dedicated client relationship manager constantly liaises with HR and facilitates course logistics.

    6. Assessment and Certification
      We conduct post-course assessments (generic or customised).

    7. General Assessment and Client Report Back
      We present the client with individual reports, certificates and a course report (written by the trainer). We also like to meet the client at this point to discuss the course and whether the objectives of the course have been met. This also gives us an opportunity to discuss further training needs.