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1:1 Cantonese Training for Expatriates


You always wanted to learn Cantonese, and you have been looking for the right way to do it.  If you're a busy professional who can’t commit to a regular language classes or you simply do better when you learn in your own office / home, learning Cantonese 1:1 is the right solution for you.

We offer 1:1 training courses to expatriates living in Hong Kong. These fun and engaging courses are aimed at beginners who want to develop basic communication skills in Cantonese.

Our Cantonese trainers are university-educated and have several years experience teaching Cantonese to foreigners living in Hong Kong.

Courses usually last between 20 and 30 hours and are run a a pace to suit the schedule of the learner.

Course Content:

Typical content for such courses may include a selection from these topics:

    • Introduction to Yale Romanisation and the Cantonese tones
    • Greetings and personal introductions in Cantonese
    • Talking about yourself, your nationality, home and background
    • Vocabulary of countries and nationalities
    • Vocabulary of family members, colleagues and friends
    • Numbers, dates, birthdays and telling the time
    • Vocabulary of jobs, hobbies, likes, dislikes and sports
    • Asking polite questions and giving short answers
    • Asking for and giving internal and external directions
    • Going to a restaurant and ordering from the menu
    • Names and descriptions of Chinese dim sum and Chinese teas
    • Shopping and bargaining for goods in the market

Aimed at:

    • Busy expatriates living in Hong Kong who require a flexible training schedule
    • Beginner to elementary levels