1-on-1 and Small Group Coaching

“Tailor-made individual or small-group programmes designed with the needs of senior managers and executives in mind.”


For the best possible long-term results, Executive 1-1 Coaching should be the choice for busy senior executives or high fliers. Highly experienced native English-speaking coaches work with executives to accelerate learning, focus on specific needs such as pronunciation & accent reduction, presentation skills, meeting skills and business writing skills.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Highly personalised coaching based on executive’s needs;
  • A focus on key communication skills needed in the modern corporate environment;
  • Flexible programme content based on detailed discussion with the candidate and, if necessary, their direct supervisor;
  • Flexible schedule; and
  • Professional, qualified corporate (native or bilingual) trainers with management experience.

Typical Focus Areas

  • Meetings/Teleconferences – planning and preparation, cultural differences in meetings, signaling opinions, tone in speech – diplomatic disagreement, leading and controlling meetings, brainstorming, negotiating, and presenting ideas and advocacy.
  • Presentations – audience analysis, developing ideas, structure, language development and script correction, voice techniques such as stress, pausing, chunking etc., using visuals, writing PPP’s, techniques for impact, body language, handling Q &A’s, persuasion and advocacy.
  • Communicating – communication styles, verbal communication, leading meetings, listening skills, questioning, reporting, instructing, giving and receiving feedback, body language, influencing others and building arguments.
  • Business Writing – planning, considering your audience, organisation and structure, tone and style, characteristics of modern business writing, clear and concise, lively and direct, giving negative information, writing formal letters, reports & proposals.
  • Networking – getting a conversation started, remembering names, charm factors, outward focus, conversation hot buttons, finding common ground, using conclusion signals and getting out of problem conversations.
  • Negotiation Skills – What makes an effective negotiation, relevant language for negotiating – opening, bargaining & closing, preparing for a negotiation, conditional sentences in speech, negotiating strategies & techniques, active listening techniques, achieving objectives and summarising key points, rejecting proposals and counter offers, closing down a negotiation successfully.

List of Programme Topics

For a complete list of all the programme topics we can offer, click here.

Next Step

Call Tom Crawford or Fion Lee on 2893 6124 to book a no-obligation 15-minute Needs Analysis meeting. A tailored proposal and training plan will be created and sent within 3 days (following the meeting).

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