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1:1 Executive Coaching


We can help your executive employees improve their ability to communicate efficiently and confidently in Mandarin through our 1:1 Executive Coaching Programme. This programme suits busy executives whose schedule may not allow them to attend regular training courses. The programme can be run at a slow or face pace and can be conducted at our training centre or at a location of the individual’s choice.

For all 1:1 Executive Coaching Programmes, the content and the approach is adapted and based on the individual’s or company’s requirements. We conduct a details analysis of the individual’s requirements before the program begins and also assess their current Mandarin level.

  • Personal Mandarin coaching based on individual needs;
  • Focused on key language & communication skills needed to succeed in multinational environments;
  • Programme content is flexible and based on detailed discussion with the candidate and, if necessary, their direct supervisor;
  • Flexible schedule with regular reports and guidance provided throughout the programme; and
  • Trainers have a solid background in business with extensive management and training experience.

Keys to Success

  • Each programme is highly tuned to the candidate’s needs and Mandarin ability, allowing maximum improvements to be made in a relatively short time.
  • Focus of the coaching relates directly to candidate's daily work and specific areas can be looked at in depth, supported by tailored materials and realistic case-studies.
  • Schedules are flexible to accommodate the candidate’s availability.

Typical Focus Areas

Business Social Exchange - Names and Forms of Address; Introducing Each Other; Exchange Business Cards; Everyday Greetings; Showing Concern; Promoting Goodwill and Friendship; Sending out an Invitation; Attending a Dinner Engagement; Showing Appreciation&Presenting a Gift; Saying Goodbye and Seeing Visitors Out;

Business Communication - Opening a Cell Phone Account; Contacting the Other Party; Calling Someone; Talking to an Operator; Mailing and Delivery Services; Sending E-mails; Replying to a Letter; Instant Messaging; Company Websites; Online Chatting; 

Business Travel - Planing an Itinerary; Booking Airplane Tickets; Picking Up Someone at the Airport; Hotel Check-in; Hotel Services; Taking a Taxi; Asking for Directions; Taking a Bus; Renting a Vehicle for a Trip; Dealing with an Entrance Guard; Running into Troubles;

Business Negotiations - General Inquiry; Specific Inquiry; Quotations and Offers; Counter Offers; Counter-counter Offers; Reaching an Impasse; Methods of Payment; Reaching a Deal; Failed Transactions;

Around the Office - Work Hours; Coffee Break; Working Overtime; Asking for Leave; Office Equipment; Assigning Tasks; Disputes at Work; Submitting an Expense Account for Reimbursement; Office Gossip;

Buisiness Meetings - Being Notified of a Meeting; Participants of the Meeting; In Preparation for a meeting; Meeting Agenda; Work Briefing; Discussion during a Meeting; Making a Decision; Comments after a Meeting; Weekly Meetings; Video Conferences;

Investigation and Investment - Introducing a Project; Expressing Intentions; On-Site Investigation; Risk Assessment; Investment Methods; Loans and Financing; Open Tender; Signing a Contract; Investigation and Investment;


  • Each candidate is usually assigned an initial 20 hours of coaching. Although this is flexible and depends on their needs and objectives.
  • Schedule is flexible, so that candidates do not to miss sessions when away on vacation or business.
  • Following sessions are arranged directly with the trainer on an on-going basis.
  • Candidates can have as many hours as they like each week.
  • Coaching usually takes place onsite during office hours but can be arranged at our training centre or the candidate’s home or any other convenient location.
  • Regular reports are provided analysing progress and highlighting areas in need of more focus.