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"BULATS (Business Language Testing Service): the best internationally recognised benchmark test of employee's business English competency."

The Language Key Ltd is one of the few registered BULATS agents in Hong Kong. We can provide this testing and benchmarking service for your company in-house or at our own premises. We also conduct BULATS preparation courses for individuals or groups of staff.

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January   2019
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Your cart is empty. To book a BULATS Test at our office, please select the test date in the calendar, and then select a test option and reservation time.
Instructions (20.01.2019)

Individuals can book a BULATS Test using the reservation and payment system below. It is advisory to take a one-hour preparation session with the writing and speaking tests. Being fully prepared for a test will help you to achieve the BULATS score you are capable of.

  1. Select a date in the calendar.
  2. Select a product (test or test preparation session) from the 4 options below.
  3. Select a 1-hour time-slot.
  4. Click "Add to Cart"
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to select a second product.
  6. Click "Checkout."
  7. Create an account.
  8. Pay with Paypal using your Paypal account or credit card.
  9. Bring your confirmation email to the test centre together with your Hong Kong Identity Card.

Note: If you would prefer to schedule your test and preparation session through our office, please contact us. Payment would be through a Paypal invoice, payable within 24 hours of delivery.

$ 0.00 HKD
60 mins

BULATS Online Booking System

BULATS Options:
BULATS Writing Test (1 hour / $700)
BULATS Standard Test - reading and listening - Test (2 hours / $700)
1-hour Preparation (either Speaking or Writing / $1000)
BULATS Speaking Test (1 hour / $700)

Note: The BULATS writing test takes 1 hour and the BULATS speaking test takes 15 minutes. Preparation sessions last for 1 or 2 hours depending on the option selected. Please select consecutive hours without gaps.

    9:00 AM  -  10:00 AM
    10:00 AM  -  11:00 AM
    11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
    12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM
    1:00 PM  -  2:00 PM
    2:00 PM  -  3:00 PM
    3:00 PM  -  4:00 PM
    4:00 PM  -  5:00 PM
    5:00 PM  -  6:00 PM

Terms and Conditions (20.01.2019)

It is important that you read and accept our test terms and conditions when you register for the test and preparation session.

You also receive the terms and conditions in the Notice to Candidates (a PDF document), which is attached to your online payment receipt.

The terms and conditions contain important information, including details of:

  • Test day arrangements (this information will be printed on the Paypal payment receipt)
  • The rules you need to follow
  • What you can expect from the results process
  • Cancellations
  • The Notice to Candidates document will also include:

    • Purpose of the preparation session and what to expect
    • Map and directions to the test venue
    • Contact details

    When you make your online payment you are confirming that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, and agree to abide by them.


    Test fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

$ 0.00 HKD
0 mins
Directions to Test Venue (20.01.2019)

The test venue is at:

The Language Key Ltd
Unit 604, Henning House
389-395 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

From Causeway Bay MTR station take exit C1. From the exit walk along Lockhart Road towards Wanchai. At the flyover, walk to Hennessy Road. Henning House is about 150 metres on the right. (see map below)

$ 0.00 HKD
0 mins
Contact (20.01.2019)

If you would like to book a BULATS Standard Test or BULATS Writing/Speaking Test and preparation session online and require further information, or if would prefer to pay via a Paypal invoice, please contact:

  • Fion Lee
  • (or use the website main contact form)
  • Tel: 2893 6134
$ 0.00 HKD
0 mins