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Super Intensive Plus Program

coaching exec1For maximum results in just one week, the Super Intensive Plus Programme is the best choice for busy senior executives or high fliers targeted for fast-track promotion. Completion of this 20-hour course will ensure fast progress in any aspect of English for their career.


HK$19900 all inclusive

  • 20-hours individual tuition
  • Monday-Friday 9am – 1pm at our office or other location
  • Includes BULATS test preparation and BULATS test
  • Free 5-year subscription to Workplace English Training E-Platform
  • Native speaker tutor with business background and several years’ workplace English training experience in Hong Kong

Keys to Success

  • Each programme is highly tuned to the candidate’s needs and language ability, allowing maximum improvements to be made in a very short time.
  • Focus of the coaching relates directly to candidates' daily work and specific areas can be looked at in depth, supported by tailored materials and realistic case-studies.

Typical Focus Areas

  • Meetings/Teleconferences – planning and preparation, cultural differences in meetings, signaling opinions, tone in speech – diplomatic disagreement, leading and controlling meetings, brainstorming, negotiating, and presenting ideas and advocacy.
  • Presentations – audience analysis, developing ideas, structure, language development and script correction, voice techniques such as stress, pausing, chunking etc., using visuals, writing PPP’s, techniques for impact, body language, handling Q &A’s, persuasion and advocacy.
  • Communicating – communication styles, verbal communication, leading meetings, listening skills, questioning, reporting, instructing, giving and receiving feedback, body language, influencing others and building arguments.
  • Business Writing – planning, considering your audience, organisation and structure, tone and style, characteristics of modern business writing, clear and concise, lively and direct, giving negative information, writing formal letters, reports & proposals.
  • Networking - getting a conversation started, remembering names, charm factors, outward focus, conversation hot buttons, finding common ground, using conclusion signals and getting out of problem conversations.
  • Negotiation Skills - What makes an effective negotiation, relevant language for negotiating – opening, bargaining & closing, preparing for a negotiation, conditional sentences in speech, negotiating strategies & techniques, active listening techniques, achieving objectives and summarising key points, rejecting proposals and counter offers, closing down a negotiation successfully.